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Integrate your software with UnForm

Print Integration

UnForm easily integrates with nearly any application, by capturing print output and applying both visual and processing enhancements. Print data can be received via the powerful client software or directly through a network port. Once received, automatic detection determines the format and type of document, from plain text or XML, to fully formatted documents. Powerful job definitions can enhance the documents, adding barcodes, images, attachments, and other graphics, and delivering those documents anywhere by email, fax, or print.

For more details, you can review the following articles from the UnForm 10.0 manual:

Archive Integration

As documents print, they can be archived in PDF format, as exact replicas of originals. In addition to the full featured browser interface, applications can retrieve individual documents, or sets of related documents, using the command line client, web addresses, or programmatic REST calls to the UnForm web server.

For more details, you can review these pages:

For browser-based ERP applications, the SDSI Web Extension provides PDF printing through UnForm as well as customizable integration touchpoints between the ERP and UnForm document archives.

A Windows-based tool called the Desktop Client can also provide integration with the active window of your application.

Scan and Import

External documents that come in by email, fax, or mail, can be scanned and imported into UnForm document archives, and linked to your internal documents. For example, incoming purchase orders can be linked with orders and invoices. The Windows-based Image Manager provides extensive automation capabilities, driven by OCR and barcode recognition, user input, and ODBC validations and lookups into your application.