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Technical Support
SDSI provides free support services to active resellers and customers who have a maintenence agreement that includes technical support. We also provide free pre-sales assistance to users who are evaluating our products. At our discretion, we may also provide free support to other users of our software. SDSI also provides fee-based support for inactive resellers, or customers who are not supported by an existing reseller or have been directed to us by their reseller. Please contact our synergetic-data.com to establish an account.There are two ways to open a support ticket:

Knowledge Base
Support Forum

SDSI maintains an UnForm support forum on Google Groups. This forum offers both mailing list and browser-based interaction, and provides an easy way to obtain support not only from SDSI but also from other users of the products. Participation in these lists is free. SDSI support personnel maintain membership in the list, so your posts will be seen by us, and we will respond if we can be of assistance. To participate requires a Google Groups account, which you can create free. In order to prevent spamming, we have chosen to make these groups limited to members only. Once you have an account, you can request membership in the group.

Joining The Group

To create an account, join, or log in, use the following link:

Terms of Use

By applying for membership, you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

  • The primary purpose of the list is to support users of UnForm. Accordingly, all posts should relate to that product or SDSI in general.
  • Use of offensive language, such as profanity or sexually explicit comments, is prohibited.
  • Use of the list to sell products is prohibited.
  • Use of the list to collect contact information is prohibited.
  • Use of the list to distribute virus, spyware, or other unsolicited software is prohibited.
  • The list is not moderated, and SDSI does not warrant or endorse any message content.
  • SDSI reserves the right to remove a subscriber for failure to abide by these terms.
Additional Support