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Traverse® Integration

Traverse® Integration

SDSI is committed to providing customers of TRAVERSE® ERP with easy to install, and easy to customize laser forms and enhanced reports. We have designed a powerful, standard rule file for TRAVERSE® with forms, and selected pre-defined reports, making UnForm a quick and easy install for most sites.

SDSI’s standard rule file for TRAVERSE® ERP will work with version 11.0, based on TRAVERSE® ERP standard samples. This rule file provides document print formatting functionality, as well as optional email and fax delivery, barcoding and archiving features. If you encounter any problems with this rule file, and you are using a non-customized copy of TRAVERSE® ERP , and the rule file has not already been customized, send a sample text print file and your copy of the rule file to support@synergetic-data.com, so that we can analyze and correct any problems.

If the TRAVERSE® ERP application or the rule file have already been customized, please contact your TRAVERSE® ERP support representative for instructions.


Rule File Download:

SDSI provides the standard rule file, for TRAVERSE® version 11, maintained in cooperation with TRAVERSE® . The rule file, release notes, instruction documents, and samples, as available, are all provided in the traverse11-v90.zip file.

Download the file with the following link:

Rule File and More


Rule File Installation:

Unzip this file in the UnForm 9.0 server location, which is implementer-defined on Unix/Linux and defaults to C:\SDSI\uf90\server on Windows. (Currently, this rule file download will work with UnForm 8.0 and can be unzipped into the UnForm 8.0 server location.)

The rule file is named traverse11-v90.sds to avoid overwriting the existing rule file. For new installations, rename this file to have .rul extension. For existing installations, the new rule file must be compared with the existing rule file to determine if any customizations need to be applied in the new rule file before implementing them.


Samples only Download:

If all you want is the samples found in the above rule file download, download the samples file with the following link:


If you just want to look at the sample pdfs, you can unzip them anywhere. If you plan on using the designer to see how the enhancements were done, unzip this file in the UnForm install folder.


Legacy Rule Files

If any legacy rule files are available, they can be downloaded from the following page:

Legacy Rule Files