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Image Conversion

UnForm uses images in either PCL or PDF format, depending on the driver being used. You can upload an image file in almost any image format (tif, bmp, jpg, gif, etc.) and this tool will return to you an archive of PCL and PDF images.

UnForm can be configured to use either Image Magick or Image Alchemy for dynamic image conversion while UnForm jobs are processed. However, if you wish to simply convert your images for one-time use here, or if you still run an older version of UnForm, this tool may be used.

In addition to Image Magick or Image Alchemy, UnForm 7 and up can be configured to use SDSI's Windows Support Server. This no-charge product can convert images to native formats, including Zebra image formats.

Fill out the form below, including the image file you want to convert.

Please be patient after you press the Convert button. It can take some time to upload a large file.

File Name * 
Enter the image file name on your system, or browse for it. Note that files over 1MB will be refused.
The files returned will be named the same as your original file, but with appended suffixes and extensions:
  • filename-p.pcl - portrait PCL image
  • filename-l.pcl - landscape PCL image
  • filename-p.rtl - portrait color PCL for color Laserjet
  • filename-l.rtl - landscape color PCL for color Laserjet
  • filename-p.eps - portrait EPS image
  • filename-l.eps - landscape EPS image
  • filename-p.pdf - portrait PDF image
  • filename-l.pdf - landscape PDF image
  • filename-p.png - portrait PNG image
  • filename-l.png - landscape PNG image
Returned Format Zip
Compressed tar
Formats PCL5 (black & white)
PCL5C (color laserjet)

The PostScript driver supports JPEG images for color printers and EPS images for black and white printers or color printers.
Color Black and white
8-bit (256) color
Full color

For PDF and PCL5C, reduced colors can significantly reduce the file size
DPI 72
Width (inches)
Height (inches)
Width or Height may be 0 or blank for proportional scaling.
Gamma Correction
If specified (>0), this is used as the output gamma color correction value. For best results, use an input file that contains gamma information, such as JPG or PNG. A common value for images produced by Windows systems is 2.2.
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