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Acumatica® Integration


SDSI's UnForm 10 provides a strong, browser-based document management platform for Acumatica users, and is a member of the Acumatica Marketplace. For your document output, UnForm supports direct PDF printing, email-to-print, and document archiving. When installed along with CirrusPrint, Acumatica documents can be printed anywhere in the world from email or a user's browser. For document input, UnForm supports automated PDF and image processing, from different sources, including email and scan-to-disk applications. Using the Acumatica REST API, inbound invoices can generate Acumatica bills, and inbound purchase orders can create Acumatica sales orders. UnForm document processing is fully customizable, with a powerful built in scripting engine.

UnForm integrates with Acumatica web pages using a web extension, so there is no customization package to install or maintain. The extension adds buttons to Acumatica toolbars at key integration points, enabling retrieval and handling of archived documents. The extension is available for Chrome users on Windows and Mac computers.

UnForm 10 has been Acumatica-certified for 2019R1 through 2022R1.


Download the zip file that contains the rule files, configuration samples, image manager samples, and PDF documentation for the UnForm-Acumatica integration. Rule files for each supported Acumatica version are included.

After UnForm 10.0 is installed, unzipping this file into the root UnForm server folder will create a sub-folder called "acumatica" into which all the files will be copied. The UnForm server location is implementer-defined on Linux and defaults to C:\SDSI\uf100\server on Windows.

For assistance with installation and configuration, contact support @ synergetic-data.com.

Use this link to view the implementation guide: AcumaticaUnFormImplementation.pdf

Here is a visual walk through: AcumaticaUnFormIntegration.pdf