OM Plus

UnForm is designed to work as a filter, accepting standard text input from your application’s print runs, analyzing the text, and adding enhancements and process control while sending the job out to the printer. Typically, this output is routed through spooling software such as OM Plus.

The main issue to deal with when working with a spooler is ensuring that UnForm’s output is not changed in any way before it gets to the laser printer. With OM Plus, this behavior is specified with the -T option:

|uf90c -f <rulefile> | dcclp -T pcl-graphics -d<printername>

For spool file management, OM Plus can process the job using a mode that can count pages. This works in many cases, but not all. If your output contains images, attachments, barcodes, or external macros, it is possible that it contains random formfeed characters which will result in improper page counting.

|uf90c -f <rulefile> | dcclp -T pcl-2 -d<printername>