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Cirrus Print


CirrusPrint is a companion product to UnForm, designed to make cloud and network printing efficient and secure. Whenever print data goes across the Internet, performance and security becomes a new management headache. CirrusPrint solves several issues related to network printing.

  • Performance, through patented compression technology
  • Security, though SSL communication, something direct network printing does not support
  • Configuration, by managing connections from the remote side of firewalls, eliminating the need for a VPN or tedious firewall configuration
UnForm Printing with CirrusPrint

With CirrusPrint, UnForm printing can be sent to remote printers more efficiently and with less printer management. Integration is simple, because CirrusPrint looks like a set of network printers to the printing application. For example, if CirrusPrint is configured to listen for Postscript print jobs for a particular remote printer on local port 9201, UnForm can be run using a command line like this:

uf90c -f acme.rul -p ps -i input-file -o tcp:localhost:9201

Likewise, CirrusPrint output can be specified within a job, in a code block, by setting the variable output$.


Or a subjob can be directed to a CirrusPrint printer as well: