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The server manager is a browser-based tool accessed by adding ?sm=1 to the standard UnForm web server URL.  For example:


An administrator login is required.  Once logged in, many server administrative tools are provided, including a job history table, an active connections table, a log viewer and analyzer, a configuration tool, scheduled jobs editor, and a server restart option.


The server manager window presents a toolbar menu many options to specific management tasks.  These task windows are presented in full width frames below the menu.  The task options presented include:


Jobs - displays a job history table and offers filtering options
Connections - displays active connections
Logs - displays server logs and offers filtering and analysis options
Configuration - maintains the server configuration file (uf100d.ini) through several forms
Scheduler - maintains scheduled jobs, which are UnForm jobs run at specific intervals by the server
Restart Server - provides a convenient tool to restart the server if the configuration changes