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Scheduled tasks is a feature of the UnForm server that runs a rule set on a set schedule.  Tasks are created and edited using the Scheduler tab.


Existing tasks are displayed in the left panel, along with a toolbar button to add a new task.  Tasks are edited, and saved or deleted, using the right panel.



Tasks are indentified by a name, and have a associated description.  ID values can be up to 20 characters, and contain alpha-numeric characters only.


Command Line

Enter the options of a uf100c command line, without -i, or -o options, and without the uf100c command itself, as those items are supplied automatically.  The job will not receive any input, but will run the prejob and postjob code blocks.  The server will execute this command line at the scheduled intervals.



You can turn off execution of this job, without deleting it, by checking this.



Scheduled times are allocated by minute, hour, day of month, day of week, and month.  Each type of entry has an All option to select all the available intervals, such as all hours and all days.  Select the appropriate intervals.  Some examples:


15th of each month, check all months, day 15, and an hour and minute for the task to run..
Every Monday at 5:30PM.  Check all months, Monday, and hour 17, minute 30.
Every 5 minutes.  Check all months, all days, all hours, and every 5 minutes.


Tasks can run as often as once a minute, or as infrequently as once per year.