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The UnForm Web Extension is a browser extension that is compatible with Chrome and Edge browsers.  It is designed to integrate browser-based ERP applications with an UnForm server, adding buttons and other integration touch points to the ERP application screens to enable seamless integration between the ERP and UnForm's document management modules.  In addition, documents can be printed from the browser through UnForm for both archiving and print enhancement purposes.


The extension is configured via special rule files that contain detection, screen-content and user-entered data fields, and launch button configuration.  The launch buttons pass captured data to the rule file, which returns responses that enable the browser to open documents, indexed lists, thumbnail views, and more from the UnForm server.


In addition, virtual extension printers can be configured in the UnForm Server Manager and these printers are available when the user prints from their browser.  Such print streams can be enhanced and archived by UnForm as if they had been submitted through normal print channels.








The UnForm Web Extension can be installed from this link: