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Version 10.1 offers many enhancements, including:


Priority Levels for Printing

When jobs are submitted with -async or -asyncrpq options, they are added to a queue directory "rpq".  This also applies to jobs submitted via print-type inbound sources.  Version 10.1 processes this queue in three priorities: high, medium, and low.  You can specify a priority with the new -priority option in the uf101c command line, and can also configure content-based prioritization in the new rpq.ini file.


Multi-level Inbound Source Folders

An inbound path source can have subfolders that get processed in addition to documents in the top level folder.  The subfolder is referenced as the meta data value "path", so is available for logic in image manager scripting.


Batch Rotation in Image Manager

You can select a group of documents in Image Manager and rotate them all the same direction.  In addition, if mutool is configured, PDF pages are rotated using it, to retain their vector formatting.


Global Code Merge

A new globalcode.custom.ini file is maintainable in Image Manager script libraries to establish code that is inserted into every Image Manager and DocFlow job.  The file contains sections for each of the custom code sections found in the jobs of these two modules. Code added to this file is automatically inserted into jobs following custom code sections.


Command Line LDAP/AD Sync

New -ldap* command line options are provided to backup the user/group databases and synchronize with a LDAP or Active Directory server.  Previously this feature was only available through the browser interface.


Improved Images Command PDF Handling

When an images command specifies PDF files and no formatting options and the job output format is PDF, the PDF pages are inserted in vector format rather than first being converted to raster images.


Additional Enhancements


An admin user can now move selected documents to a new inbound source from the Image Manager menu.
A non-admin user can be assigned the right to assign documents to other users in Image Manager
A -nodeliver command line, and the nodeliver variable, can be used to turn off deliver functions
The archive search interface provides a button to clear previously selected libraries
The filename metadata item is now defined for manually uploaded documents in Image Manager
XML files are not picked up from inbound source paths until they are complete
Dropped the confirm password prompt in user editing, as it was not needed with the Show Me button to display the password for the admin user
Updated the DocFlow open in new window button to open in a frame window initially, to allow the primary image to be displayed  while other tabs are viewed.  The frame window contains a button to open the image in a new top level window to provide the 10.0 functionality.