Customizing the Web Interface

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The web interface is a very complex product that utilizes third party tools and UnForm-specific code.  Much of the interface is made up of html templates, which can be customized to adjust wording or add special coding.  There is also a messages file, messages.txt, that contains short messages used by the server.  A special directory "web/en-us/custom" (or other language) directory is available for the purpose of customizing the interface.  Any file that is copied to the 'custom' directory will be used in preference to the standard version of that file.  Files in this directory are not overwritten by updates to UnForm.


Note: this method differs from previous versions of UnForm, which required an entire new directory at the "web/" level and additional configuration.  This method provides for simpler customization of specific files.


Due to the integrated nature of the web interface components, and the potential impact of changes the publisher might implement, customizations to the web interface are not encouraged.


While it is possible to modify the cosmetic appearance of the browser interface, it is not possible to modify the underlying structure or navigation, so be sure that if you modify templates all bracketed tags and links are maintained.


Caution: Any modifications performed to the templates should only be performed by experienced and knowledgeable HTML, Javascript, and CSS programmers.  SDSI cannot warrant the performance of customized templates.