Using the Web Browser Interface

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The web browser interface is used to browse, search, and view archives and associated images.  The web server used is an instance of the Apache HTTP server, managed by the UnForm server.  This web server is generally configured to listen on port 27392, so the initial portal page is accessed like this:


The IP address above is an example.  Use the hostname or address of the UnForm server.  You can also access the archive interface directly, adding "/arc" to the URL (http://myserver:27392/arc).


The user is presented a login form first.  The first time it is used, an administrator can login with the name "admin" and password "admin", and can then add additional users and change the admin password using the browser.


The OneDoc feature provides direct access to a single, known document.


The Browse feature provides drill down capabilities through the library, document type, document ID structure, date indexes, keyword indexes, or category indexes.


The Search feature provides cross-library searching for generic text patterns or by specific field attributes or ranges.  Selected documents can be viewed, exported, transferred, or copied.


Administrative features, such as user login management and library security set up, are available when an administrative user logs in.


A session cookie is used by the web browser interface.  If cookies are not enabled in the web browser, then the browser interface will not function correctly.  The lifetime of a session is controlled by the sesage=hours value in the [archive] section of uf100d.ini.  If set to 0, a login is required each time the user starts their web browser.  If set to some other value, then sessions last the specified number of hours before a new login is required.


For more details, view the Archive Browser Interface chapter.