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Image Magick is used to convert images between various formats.  For example, if a logo image is provided in jpeg format, when UnForm needs to print the image to a PCL printer, it needs to convert and scale the image to the proper format and size.  It uses Image Magick to do this.  Otherwise, the image must be provided in all the various formats that might be needed.


Most Linux systems include a copy of Image Magick, or it can be installed using the system's package manager ( will offer this option).  Windows and other versions can be downloaded from  On Linux, you can easily verify if Magick is installed by running 'convert -version.


Once installed, all that is needed is to set the line 'converter=path' to point to the Magick executable "convert" (convert.exe on WIndows).  The Server Manager provides a form for this setting, or you can manually edit the uf100d.ini file.  This line is in the [images] section.


Note that in Image Magick 7, the convert program name changed to 'magick', so link to 'magick' or 'magick.exe'.