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TEC Electric

Unform Document Management Brightens Customer Service for TEC Electric.
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Facts at a glance

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Product: Infor ERP SX.e, UnForm Document Management
Industry: Electrical Distribution
Country: USA

“The UnForm Document Management system has allowed us to vastly improve our customer
service. Invoices, packing slips and proof of delivery are instantly available, in their original format, and with customer field notes. The time savings in getting out statements and filing is much shorter., We are now much more responsive to customers—I can not imagine ever going back to the days before UnForm Document Management.”
-Barry Wright, System Administrator, TEC Electric

About the Company

TEC Electric is a lighting and electrical supply company that has been serving residential and commercial customers in Arkansas and the surrounding area for over 50 years. Dedicated to service and product knowledge, TEC Electric works with some of the most advanced manufacturers in the country and employs the most up- to-date technologies to ensure that customers feel valued and respected–day in and day out.

For more information about TEC Electric or its family of products, please visit www.tecelectric.com

Going paperless was always the plan

TEC Electric has envisioned going paperless since the early 80s, when the owner was one of the first to adopt computer use as a tool. Infor SX.e and UnForm Document Management has allowed us to bring this vision to light. Our system now allows us to deliver an electronic signed invoice or proof of delivery to a customer almost instantly, effectively cutting postage, printing and paper costs as well as time and space costs from managing hoards of paper files. Having all the information–original pick slips, original packing slips and signed invoices – right at our fingertips, allows us to resolve any confusion around orders or billing immediately. I cannot imagine ever going back to days without UnForm Document Management.


In 2005 we upgraded our ERP system to Infor SX.e and were delighted that it included the UnForm Print Management product, as we had been successfully using it for over 10 years in our prior ERP system. Infor SX.e has been rock solid for us from day 1, but it did not allow the reprinting of original customer invoices or original packing lists. We were forced to keep paper copies and needed to print inventory pick tickets, invoices in duplicate and make copies of signed acknowledgments of material receipt. The paper was creating a bottleneck in accounting. Distributing invoices was taking two staff members two days, and responding to customer questions was taking longer and longer.

To keep our competitive edge, we purchased the document management product that was sold with Infor SX.e, but it conflicted with our ERP system and created challenges to keeping the database running. Also,its third party search tool required additional training and separate hardware, making it costly to implement. After just about a year of trying to make it work, we switched to UnForm’s Document Management tool.

From the day it was installed, it was clear that UnForm Document Management was designed to tightly integrate with Infor SX.e. UnForm runs on the same server as Infor and provides a browser based desktop app. If you can right click, you can use the product—no training required! The benefits of the UnForm Document Management system are outstanding. We have experienced no downtime, the cost of implementation was lower than the cost of the software licenses for the product it replaced, and the customer support has been fantastic – extremely responsive.